AOEX Trading Competition

Rules & Regulations

Begin Date: October 26th, 2015
Practice Round: 1 week
Final Round: 3 weeks
End Date: November 23rd, 2015
Beginning Cash: $10,000
Product: BTC & BTC Options
Specs: Margin & Specs
Initial Margin: 50%
Maint.Margin: 25%

Global Trading Challenge Has Ended!

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1st Place: $500 Cash
2nd Place: iPad

AOEX Trading Competition provides everyone from students to experienced traders the opportunity to learn about Bitcoin and Bitcoin derivatives trading without risking their own money.
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Competition Details

All participants will be given an initial deposit of $10,000 USD in play trading credits and the chance to win real cash Bitcoin prizes. The trading competition will have a one week practice period, which will run into the official three week trading stretch. At the end of the competition, the user accounts with the highest value will be selected as the competition’s winners.

The maintenance margin will be set at 25% (if you buy 1 XBT at $400 USD and the value drops to $100 XBT, you will be notified with a warning to sell your asset).

Users will have an initial margin of 50% (because you have $10,000 you will be able to trade as if you had $20,000)

Trading will run 24/7